Our team has over 100+ years of combined knowledge and expertise in this industry, making us more than capable of delivering any project that fits your needs within your budget!

Full Campuses to Single Classrooms

From 10,000 sqft to 400,000+ sqft; no job is too big or small for our team. If you can dream it, we can build it!

We have completed entire campuses, from the ground up; additional classrooms to growing education facilities; or new/updated administration buildings. Let us show you our wide range of projects to further instill trust that if you can dream it, we can build it!

50 Year Life-Cycle

We offer a permanent building utilizing a modular concept of production, providing better structural quality while achieving dramatic cost savings.

We do not manufacture inexpensive, grey boxes by the hundreds, or put a portable quality structure on a concrete foundation just to call it a “permanent modular” building. Our buildings rival and are almost indistinguishable from site-built construction but can be completed faster, saving money, but not neglecting quality.

Custom & Innovative Designs

From matching the existing design of your current buildings to creating something new and innovative, we have your vision on the forfront and the experience to make it a reality.

Outdoor classrooms, science laboratories and agricultural facilities to athletic buildings, tracks and band and choir rooms. Possibilities for construction are only limited to the area and time needed to complete your project.

Design Build

Let our team take your vision and make it a reality! Our designers can construct blueprints and offer feedback on different solutions to your design and needs of the final project.

If deciding how your structure will look upon completion is top priority then our ‘Design Build’ option is not only efficient but it gives you complete control over your project from start to finish. You will work hand-in-hand with our Design Team to select what contractors you want to work and the details of your design. Design build lets you choose everything from the exterior finish of the building to the tile design and colors.


You should never have to choose between quality and affordability! Having the facility that fits your needs should never be compromised because of budget. We will not only build what you need, but what you want as well.

Having lease-leaseback as an option for Districts, gives you even more control on how your project is built by creating a design-build partnership for constructability review & value engineering that saves money and avoids problems during construction.


Oftentimes physical and functional essence of any construction project needs to be represented digitally, in a 3D model format.

In short, the construction industry is undergoing fundamental changes, not comparable in impact with anything before it, not even with the rise of lean manufacturing in auto-making in the 1980s. An innovative and time-saving tool called Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the reason for that revolution. BIM technology rapidly enhances complex building processes, shortcutting any project completion date, cutting the expenses and improving the overall quality of the construction. Builderry construction company is the leading industry exponent, with approximately $30 billion in BIM project experience. We want clients to understand the incredible advantages that the BIM offers and we want them to get prepared to embrace this new technology.

If you can envision it, than we can build it tell us more about your project